(Insert appropriate greeting of the day)

My name is Lance Amberose. I am a voice actor and voice over artist, as well as an author, an actor and now I guess a blogger.

I’ve done a lot of hard work in my past, and I don’t mean I worked hard. I mean it was strenuous work. I was in the military, worked in an armored car and did construction.

I also tried my hand at comedy. Apparently you have to be funny to make it in that field. Who knew?

When I was a child, I wanted to be in the military. Once I achieved that goal, I became lost. So, I began to dabble, and dabble I did. The good news is that being lost is the only way to find yourself.

I am a geek (or nerd depending on your definition of the two) and will always be one. I enjoy cosplay and arguing over comic book and video game lore and logic. Link’s sword cannot be unsheathed from the back. Trust me, I’ve tried. Video upon request.

I am not really a people person but I am great with people. I dumped all my stat points into charisma. I can sweet talk my way into getting that heavy dragon bone armor but am too over encumbered to run with it. Put me in my Halo Reach Carter suit (S249) or behind the mic and I’m smoother than Bantha milk going down on a hot double sun day.

I’ve always been into the lore of comics and video games, so storytelling is a skill I’ve dedicated a lot of time to. With this useless in battle skill (no I don’t play as the bard!) I set out to write my own story. This is when I met my dear friend Ann Bevans and a project was started.

The novel is a wonderful story about words that are made into sentences. Then they develop through strife into paragraphs and then from the plot twist transform into pages. It’s actually a really inspiring story. I know I just spoiled it but it’ll still be worth a read. Take one of the authors’ word for it.

This fairly accurately sums up who I am as a person up to this point. If this intrigues you, make the hyperspace jump over to my blog, where I will try my best to be humorous, insightful and, as always, a Geek!