Hello internet people my name is Lance Amberose. I am a Voice over talent, an author, an Actor and I’m gonna throw my hat in the ring of blogging. This adventure all started because of discomfort. I currently work in the construction field, and im miserable. I’m not as young as I once was and the aches and copious amounts of epsom salt prove it. This job isn’t a long-term thing and never was supposed to be, 3 years and counting. It wasn’t the hard work or my poop face of a boss, no the final straw was I missed Halloween again. My favorite holiday of the year, missed. It was today Nov 1st 2017 that I’ve decided to make a change.

So, Begins the adventure unto entrepreneurship by means of becoming a voice talent, an Author, An Actor, or who knows, professional cat burglar? I mean going around stealing cats sounds fun, I’d then upload cat videos to YouTube. It’s a win-win. This blog will cover my adventures in flourishing as a voice talent and Progress on the super-secret squirrel novel code name: Supes with my very talented and very dear friend Ann Bevans. No, I won’t be blogging on my cat crimes as that’s evidence that can and will be used against me in the court of paws.